How to play 5-Card Stud Poker


How to play 5-Card Stud Poker

Posted OnNovember 8, 2019 0

The game begins as soon as the dealer gives out two cards to each player on the table. One of these cards is dealt face up whereas other is dealt face down. The player with the lowest visible hand would take the first action (usually antes up), followed by the first betting round. After this round of bets, the players are dealt another card face up. Again, the player with the highest card would lead the round and another betting round takes place thereafter. There are two more rounds of cards dealt in the game and the player with the highest scoring hand at the end of the game would win the pot. All cards from all the players are revealed in the end, so as to determine the winning hand. You can play 5-Card Stud Poker at many different online casinos on the Internet.

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